Monday, September 23, 2013


Taylor's Senior year of college included lots of what he loves best - Intramurals.  He played men's soccer, coed soccer, basketball, and flag football.  And I watched a lot of sports.

Research Team
Sainsbury Cousins

He captained yet another season of his annual Sainsbury Cousin's Flag Football team, played with Louisa and Tyler Orton on a coed Soccer team, played on the MPA boy's basketball team (I love when my husband gets to know my classmates), and played soccer with his Lab Research Team.  They were the most fun to watch, and not just because the games were indoors.  I loved watching all these nerdy kids, including his research professor, take soccer so seriously and work as a team.

And the nerdiness payed off!  After five years playing BYU Intramural sports, Taylor and the Lab Research Team won the soccer intramurals.  I hope our children will be proud - it doesn't make me think my handsome husband is any cooler.  I always knew he was a stud.

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