Tuesday, September 24, 2013


As I hurry to record this past year, I think I should include timely entrys of how I spend my days as well.

I spend them running.


Wake up early, rush to get ready, go to school, kiss my husband goodbye at the Marb, shuffle to the Tanner, work at MPA recruiting, leave early to go to class, go to MBA team meeting, quickly eat with Taylor as I chat on the phone with Dad, go to MPA recruiting, go to MPA team meting, leave early to RUN to American Heritage forum (while reading material on the way), talk to beloved friends, talk to Dr. de Schweinitz, walk home worrying about the hours of homework ahead of me.

I dragged my feet through the door, only to see the wonderful surprise that my sweet husband had come home during the day to do the dishes (which make me want to cry every time I pass the kitchen).  I don't know how I got so lucky to snag him.  He works two jobs, spends countless hours applying to school, and still has the energy and kindness to serve me.

I haven't been able to get off the couch since I got home.  I have been lucky to not have too many pregnancy ailments....except exhaustion at the end of the day.  I love how I spend my days, but my body is working for two and doesn't handle the constant movement and long hours like it did just a few months ago.  I am grateful for a good husband.

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a monthly checkup.  I had to take the glucose test, which meant drinking syrupy nastiness and then being pricked by a needle to ensure I don't have gestational diabetes.  I may never drink fruit punch again.  I told Dr. Savage that I am nervous because of how little the baby is - I still am hardly showing.  She measured my belly, however, and told me I am longer than she expected.  I am growing, just not poking out too much.  She moved my date closer to December 12.  Here come finals!

Exhausted and grateful.  We are so blessed.

Monday, September 23, 2013

We the Wii

In the MPA program we are placed into teams.  Each class is team based, and together we work towards good experiences and good grades.  The purpose of this structure is to prepare us to work in teams in a professional setting, and as such the program almost fabricates stressful situations for us to practice interpersonal skills. The faculty forewarn us of the difficulty of working with other personalities. Needless to say, I was duly worried.

But I needn't have worried! I was blessed beyond imagination.  I was placed on a team with INCREDIBLE people who I have so much to learn from.  We became immediate friends and worked well together.  Apart from school, we love each other and are invested in each other's lives.  We didn't learn as much as the professors probably intended - we just enjoyed being together.  The best part of my master's education is my association with fabulous people.

We the Wii:
Teren Taniuchi 
Allyson Robison
Christa Keele Cotterell
Alisa Hardy Orton
Jared Kelson
Delphine Bize Brown


Taylor's Senior year of college included lots of what he loves best - Intramurals.  He played men's soccer, coed soccer, basketball, and flag football.  And I watched a lot of sports.

Research Team
Sainsbury Cousins

He captained yet another season of his annual Sainsbury Cousin's Flag Football team, played with Louisa and Tyler Orton on a coed Soccer team, played on the MPA boy's basketball team (I love when my husband gets to know my classmates), and played soccer with his Lab Research Team.  They were the most fun to watch, and not just because the games were indoors.  I loved watching all these nerdy kids, including his research professor, take soccer so seriously and work as a team.

And the nerdiness payed off!  After five years playing BYU Intramural sports, Taylor and the Lab Research Team won the soccer intramurals.  I hope our children will be proud - it doesn't make me think my handsome husband is any cooler.  I always knew he was a stud.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

At This Moment

Dear Baby, 

Before I jump into remembering the last several months, I want to focus on this moment.  As silly as it seems, Baby, you are our past, present, and future.  It's no secret that you were a surprise, and we are nervous (me more so than your Dad).  I thought I had life figured out, and I was very happy with where I was and where I was going.  You have rocked my world, and given me a new perspective.  

Now, it seems that my entire past - joined with  your dad's - had the purpose of preparing us for you.  Our education, our missions, our spiritual experiences, our love story, our family traditions, our patriarchal blessings, our personal progress - it all seems that these things were less for ourselves and more to prepare us to be good parents for you.

Our present is wrapped up in you.  My body has never been so sore, our bank accounts so empty, Taylor's career goals so important, as NOW when we are thinking about you.  We mark the hours by your kicks and movements.  I eat thinking about what you may want.  Taylor took me maternity clothes shopping yesterday.  You even dictate my wardrobe!  Every moment revolves around you.

And you are our future.  We don't make any plans now, without thinking about how you fit into them.  Our goals have adjusted.  The promise of a future eternal family is more relevant.  Our lives will never be the same.

I feel like I already know you a little.  I am excited to continue to get to know you.  I was in the temple a couple of weeks ago, asking my Heavenly Father why you are coming now, when I feel so unprepared, and how we could be good parents to you.  I was asking lots of questions, and I had a very clear impression that it is just not all about me.  I felt your little spirit tell me that even though I may not be ready, you are, and you are anxious and excited to come to this world and join our family.  I felt you assure me that you want us for parents, and that you will be patient as we learn together.  I feel that you are sweet, and brave, and patient, and noble.  I feel inadequate but honored to be your mother.

You are joining a family who loves you.  You have grandparents and great-grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends who can't wait for you to be here.  You will be loved til you can't stand it.

And know that your Dad and I love each other very much.  You are the product of love and commitment and service.  We are excited to grow together.



The Revival

It has now been more than 5 months since I have written in this blog.  Five months of our lives undocumented!  And so much has happened.  It is overwhelming to think about recording all the happenings, lessons learned, and blessings of the last five months.

Taylor and I kind of disappeared this last summer. We all but checkout out of email, facebook, social media, and cell phones for a couple months while we hibernated at the LaPorte Cabin.  As irresponsible as that may seem, it was lovely.  It was wonderful to get away with the man who is my entire life, and reevaluate where our lives together are going.  Because they are changing!

My goal is to succinctly recap the last several months in chronological order, more for my benefit than for anyone else's.  We have been too blessed to forget.