Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Walk

Sunday Afternoon Walk...with just a hint of Spring

Today is a day to remember.  Nothing momentous happened, no special event, nothing important accomplished.

But the little things made it perfect.  We were able to sleep in a little, and then lay in bed with our smiley girl.  She loves the mornings, bounces up and down on our chests and snuggles and coos.  I love my family of three.  We went to church and gave thanks to our Father.  We cleaned our little home and ate homemade hummus.  We went on an afternoon walk to visit Auntie Morgan, basking in the crisp golden sunlight.  Spring is on the way, which means graduation.  Hallelujah.

Today was a fresh day.  A fresh start to the week, a refreshed sense of hope, a fresh world around us, a freshness to our marriage.

It was a quintessential Provo-student-newly married-young baby day.  A day I hope to remember.