Monday, May 5, 2014

The Aunties who Saved the Semester

Many days people congratulate me on finishing a Master's Degree....with a job, and a newborn!?

But all the praise should go to a good husband, and EXCELLENT aunties.

Emmeline spent one long day a week with her Aunt Jane, and 3-5 days a week with her Auntie Morgie.  She went over to Morgan's apartment in the morning, would snuggle and sleep, then walk up to campus in the snuggly.  She was beloved by the Chatham Towne roommates, and became the mascot of the BYU Bookstore.  Emmeline was Employee of the Month the entire semester.  

Jane would sing and tell stories and teach Emmeline (yay for El Ed training!), and make headbands and bounce and play.  Even with full time school and work, Jane was so generous with her time.

Thank you for helping me finish, Aunties.  And thank you for loving my babe.  There is a special bond between a girl and her aunt.