Saturday, April 13, 2013

MPA Prom and a Hairdo

I have enjoyed being a part of the Romney Institute for Public Management.   I think the largest asset of the program is the high-powered, motivated students I am able to interact with and learn from.  I love my new friends.

This past Thursday we had an end of the year social, which was given a Prom theme.  I was happy to dress up, be with my husband, and take my mind of finals.

We had good food, good company, and a good time.   But the most memorable part of the night was how my sweet husband served me before we left our house.  I came home from school with just enough time to shower and get dressed and go.  Somehow I fell asleep (its finals time).  I woke up frantic, rushed, and cranky.  I threw on a dress, put on some mascara, but then about had a mental breakdown as I tried to do my hair.  NOTHING was working out.  This seems inconsequential, and it probably is, but remember I was rushed and cranky.  I finally threw my hands up in the air, saying "thats it, I am NOT going."  My blood was boiling, but then my heart melted when Taylor, instead of rolling his eyes at my melodrama, reached for my hair to try to do it himself.  I think he is well aware that he isn't trained as a hair stylist, but this was just reflective of how he would do anything to make me happy.  He extends himself in every way to serve me.  I am so grateful for him, and for his calming presence.


Ally, Cindy, ShaLae, Alisa

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  1. umm that is the cutest story i've ever heard. happiness.