Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Run

I don't love to run.

I generally don't love anything uncomfortable - I prefer to just lay by the pool.  Somehow, though, I got dragged into running the Moab Canyonlands Half my Sophomore year in college.

I did not train well, nearly died, and my uncle dragged me across the finish line.  I said, "that was a great experience.  Never again."

Somehow, I was dragged into doing the same one the following year.  It was a little more fun.  I love being with my aunt, and am amazed by all of her talents.

Somehow, I was dragged into ANOTHER last June in Provo.  This one was so fun, because I got to do it with my FAMILY!  Abigail ran us to the ground, but out goal was to finish as a she literally ran circles around us as we finished.  Just as we were finishing together, my dad kicked up the pace, and ran ahead.  It was a fun race for the finish.  There was something very symbolic about finishing together as a family.

Over time, I have come to enjoy this painful pastime.  I am grateful that my Dad has found something that he can put his mind to, because it is keeping him healthy.  I love the feeling of being healthy and strong.  I love being outside, and enjoying the beautiful world.

The first time my parents met Taylor.  They about proposed to him then.

This past Christmas morning, my dad creatively gave us a gift....registration to the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon for June 22.  I did NOT respond graciously.  I don't like to run, I wouldn't have time to train in grad school, I don't want to be committed.

Well, just as with the previous runs....I am grateful to be dragged into this painful opportunity.  I am excited to get in shape, excited to accomplish something difficult, excited to be with my family, and excited to work toward something with my husband.

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