Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The LeanTo


I LOVE our little Lean-to.

When Taylor and I were engaged, only one quality was important as we considered our first home - price. Unfortunately, most of the homes in our price range happened to be apartments in which I would never remove my shoes.

One miraculous day, Taylor found an EXTREMELY affordable little apartment.  He signed the contract, before I even saw the apartment.  My parents call it the lean-to, and they are thrilled that we have such a humble first home.

It was a little tricky to get adjusted to our tiny little space.  There are no counters or room for a table, no closets or dressers.  An entire wall is filled by a terrible marbled mirror from the '70s.  Our little bathroom fills the length of a narrow wall, and no room for two people at the same time.  The little tiny bedroom could really only host a single bed.  Half the living room is occupied by a large furnace from 1969 that smells like gas and shakes uncontrollably.  It is cozy.

But we jumped into the project!  Taylor deepcleaned the entire place....I think he washed the carpets 6 times.  He fixed the doors and windows, and hung up lots of organizational knick knacks.  We raided his parents house for furniture, and stole his little brother's little bed.  We found wonderful bookshelves to cover the mirror, and a little tiny loveseat off KSL.  We scrimped and saved and borrowed and stole.....


 And now we love our little home.  We will be so sad to leave.

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