Friday, March 1, 2013

For Love of the Boy who Loves the Game

Sports and I have never had a great relationship.  As such, I was a little worried about a potential relationship with Taylor, a die-hard sports fan.

Even thoughTaylor worried about my non-athletic genes affecting our children, he married me anyway.  And we have worked out a kind of situation where I love Taylor, he loves sports, and I therefore  love learn about sports.

But I LOVE Basketball...BYU Basketball....because it pays for our little lean-to of  a home.  Taylor is a practice manager for the BYU Men's Basketball team (I thought that was a fancy name for a water boy, but apparently not).  We are grateful for a good job that has allowed him to make money WHILE doing what he enjoys.  We are also grateful that this job has been so flexible, so Taylor could go out of town with his cabin-fever afflicted girl.

Last night was the BYU-Gonzaga game, and the last home game of the season - and potentially the last of my BYU career.  I went with Delphine Bize and Laura Orton, and we had a basket ball.  BYU fought til the very end, but my favorite part was watching my handsome husband at work.  I love him, sports fanatic and all.

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