Sunday, March 3, 2013

An East Coast Adventure

The end of February is always a little bleak, right?  The end of February generally means gray snow, midterms, and the reality of extra holiday pounds.  But this February, my sweet husband surprised me with a fun trip to the East Coast.

Taylor had an interview in Pennsylvania, and we extended the stay.  We flew into the La Guardia airport in New York City, and then rented a car. (Why will we all of a sudden be better drivers at age 25?  Being 24 is expensive!) We also rented a little Garmin, hoping it would navigate us quickly out of the city.  We were wrong – the Garmin directed us STRAIGHT through downtown NYC at rush hour.  We saw Harlem, Times Square, Broadway – in back of busses and in between yellow taxi cabs.  I became a tad bit cranky – we drove 8 miles in an hour – but Taylor maneuvered like a champ.  Back up career plan: taxi driver.

We finally made it to the countryside of New Jersey, where we met our dear friends Hal and Cindy Dunn.  The Dunns are our neighbors in Mexico.  They spoiled us with yummy food in the Mayan sun, and then they spoiled us with yummy food in the Jersey cold.  We went to a fancy shamncy Italian restaurant, and Taylor tried veal.  We then went to their home, and gawked at their nine acres of loveliness.  The next morning, we woke up at 5:00 am to the enticing smell of bacon and eggs and biscuits, which we thoroughly enjoyed before getting on the road.  We are grateful for good friends. 

We drove off early that morning into a beautiful New Jersey sunrise.

I drove the three hours to Pennsylvania, while Taylor tried to snooze a little more.  I was amazed at the beauty around me.  I could feel the Quaker roots and the Colonial heritage.  Even in the frigid winter the countryside was beautiful. It was a happy drive.

Taylor went to his interview in Scranton, Pennsylvania – the setting of the Office. The “Electric City” was quant and cute, and the people very friendly.  I tried to take an online test – it is hard to focus on school, when there are so many sights I want to see!   

The best part of the trip – the wonderful Ithaca Ortons came to surprise us!  Spencer and Sara and Drew and Claire made the trek to Scranton to see us, and I was so happy to see missed faces.  Not only that, but they came laden with cookies and chips and sodas and treats.  The Ortons know how to roadtrip.

We split up into boy and girl cars, and I got to chat with my new sister-in-law as we drove back to NCY.  What an inspiring lady – I didn’t want the drive to end!

I am grateful for good people and good places.  Life is wonderful.

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