Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3rd Day of Retirement

Boy, do I have a lot to catch up on!

Now that I am retired, I hope to catch up on all my journaling.  But lets be real...I am good at finding lots of things to fill my time.  So the Sparknotes version will have to do for now.

And as a disclaimer, I want to apologize to my future self, who is looking back on these entries to remember how simple life used to be and is finding poor documentation.  I wish I had a better camera, created a more lovely blog, and wrote with more wit.  I don't, but don't let the ihpone pics fool you.  We live a cheery life.

Life flew by the last several weeks.  I graduated (more on that later), Emmeline got huge and brilliant and beautiful (stop growing baby!) and we still have made no medical school decisions (WHAT?)

Taylor and I have been looking forward to retirement - the end of school - so he could actually have a wife and Emmeline could have a mother.  Truthfully, though, I was really nervous.  I think I escaped a lot of the difficult post-partum stuff because I had to jump back into school and work and life so quickly.  I worried that if I had such a drastic change of being busy and social and productive and feeling important, to staying at home with a babe all day, I would get a little...restless.  Well, so far it is Day 3 of retirement and I have not felt like that.  I am having SO much fun with Emmeline, and I am bursting with things I want to do to fill my time!  I have so many goals, and not enough time to accomplish them all!

Days 1, 2, and 3 I spent working at American Heritage (wrapping up a few last things), cooking, working on Uncle John's resume, and learning how to do Family History.  I am a novice, but I LOVE it!  Emmeline and I spent hours today at the Family History Library at BYU.  She was perfect...until at the every end, when she told me she was ready to go.  Loudly.

Here is a visual representation of retirement, according to my iPhone:


 Turns out our little Emmeline is good at sleeping in.  We do a lot of snuggling...she is a sleepysleepy head.
We went to the Sacred Gifts Exhibit at BYU to see the life of Christ depicted - beautiful.  And we get lots of ice cream.

Hanging with Great Grandpa Hardy.  We did family history, went to the museum, and listened to Rush.

Learning to do Family History at the BYU Library.  SO FUN!

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