Friday, December 27, 2013

Week 3

Dear Emmeline, 

Oh, how we love you.   You have rocked our world.

Before you came, I was excited for the first couple weeks of your life, when I would be on break from school, and we would just hang out and read scriptures and smile at each other and document every second of your little life.  That hasn't happened - I had no idea how busy I would be just smiling at you.  I will try to document now your last weeks as my little roo, your entry into the world, and the person you have become.  We are so proud of you.

But first, a short description of our three week old Emmeline:

- You have piercing eyes, which (when open) are alert, beautifully shaped, and dark grey.
- You love your daddy.  I have never seen a little girl love her daddy so much.  You snuggle up inside his sweatshirt, put your little hand near his chin, and sigh contentedly.
- You seem to be patient.  I feel you look at me with wise eyes and an old soul, patient with my uncertainty.  
- You like to be on the go.  As soon as you get in your carseat, you calm down and look content...soon to fall asleep.
- You are soooo tired.  My favorite thing is to watch you try to wake up, offering big yawns and deep stretches.  You are precious.
- You are loved by so many.  Your Auntie Morgie lights up when she sees you.  Abigail adores you.  Your Orton aunts love to hold you.  Your Grandma Hardy lives to love you, even after three weeks.  You changed our lives.
- You don't like to be swaddled, but rather stretch out your skinny little chicken legs.
- You went to the doctor for the first time - and gained weight!  A chunky 6'9.  So proud of you.
- You sleep like your daddy, with an arm above your head.
- You hate your cradle, and have yet to sleep alone for more than 30 minutes.  You are most happy with a warm chest and live heartbeat.

You make me very, very happy.  My biggest fear is that you are growing too fast, and I don't know how to take advantage of every second.

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