Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Warm Winter Weekend

So this is my third post, and my umpteenth attempt of recording my new little family's history.  We have happy moments everyday, and I am petrified that I am going to forget them.

So this blog will probably be more of a picture journal then anything.  

This past weekend was President's Day.  I am grateful for good presidents who did such significant things that we get a much needed February break.

We had planned fun things like homework, work all day Saturday, church responsibilities....but decided to be imprudent and spontaneous.   I am worried about leaving my Dad and Grandpa for too long (who else will make them happy?), and so I begged my husband to take me home.  It didn't take too much begging....he loves my Dad and Grandpa as well.

So we drove through the night, surprised my family, and then drove on to the California Cabin, to celebrate little Abigail's birthday.

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend!  We love the Cabin - it is the setting of many family memories.  The weather was warm, the snow was good, the food was fattening, and my family was happy.  Taylor is a good little snowmobiler....and I enjoyed hanging on tight.

I have a good husband who takes me home!  I never thought I would be the wife who needs to be close to her family....never say never.

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