Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Happy Happy

It has been eons since I have written.  Life goes so fast...especially when you are happy.

And my, oh my, we are so happy.  I am overwhelmed with how happy we are right now.  We have been so blessed.

We have lots to record and, Halloween, Mommy and Emmy trips, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas, job, snowmobiling, calling, Mexico.

But this post is just because I want to remember that we are happy.

Emmeline is 13 months, and I can't get her to stop smiling.  This age is my favorite.

She laughs, she plays, she teases, she runs around, she talks, she gives kisses.  Right now she is sleeping and taking naps really well (hallelujah).  She loves to read books.  She waves, blows kisses, and spontaneously puckers up to offer smooches.  She walks  runs, and it is the cutest totter.  She jabbers and blabbers, but her words consist of HI! (first word), mama, and dada.  She can vigorously shake her head "no."  She ADORES her grandparents, and especially loves to sit with her Grandpa Hardy and have him scratch her back.  She loves chocolate milk.  She knows where to find her nose and her button. She is a scrawny little thing.  She folds her arms to say prayer, and then immediatly claps for herself (rather irreverent).  She claps for herself for everything.  She has lots of personality, lots of opinions, and lots of giggles.

And I am a happy mama.  I feel fullfilled in a way I just wasn't expecting.  Seeing her grow and learn makes me full.  I only ever want her to be happy.

So because this is a spontaneous post, I will just share a few blurry iphone pictures of our happy little life.  And hopefully I will revisit my blog sometime soon.

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  1. Did I ever mention how excited I was to find out you were going to be a mama? It really is the best, isnt it? And what a beautiful bundle of joy she is! I love reading about your happy lives. :)