Wednesday, August 20, 2014

School Orientation

August 4, 2014 was Taylor's 18th first day of school.

Well, of orientation at least.

Emmeline and I dropped him off.  I insisted on taking a picture.  I may have embarressed him; I was in my pj's, and when I tried to get back in the car, I forgot the door handle was I had to climb in through the passenger side.  Starting out the school year classy.


He had a great first week!  He has really good classmates, a beautiful building, and was very excited to start classes.

I went to one opening social with him, a barbeque with all his classmates.  He said families were invited...but Emmeline was the only baby.  We are not in Provo anymore.  One LDS med students asked what are  you going to do all day, just...nothing?  I hope I won't be doing nothing; I hope that by staying at home, I will actively be raising Emmeline.

At the end of Orientation week was the White Coat ceremony.  It was a lovely event.  It will be years of hard work and study before Taylor deserves to don the white coat again.  Bring it on.

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